Fitness sessions on demand

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The easiest way to get in shape

If you think getting in shape is boring, think again. Kubo allows you to instantly find the best group sessions near you. For the first time ever, enjoying optimal health can be fun and easy!

Find and book sessions near you in less than 15 seconds.

The moment you open the app, you’ll discover a simple overview of fitness sessions near you.

Getting in shape should be fun.

All Kubo sessions are sorted by category. You can easily filter through the sessions you’re interested in or discover new forms of exercise - and we suggest you only choose the activities you love!

Put your health on autopilot.

Kubo makes sure you don’t forget about your sessions with smart reminders. We’ll also let you know about new sessions you could be interested in.

The best trainers give the best results.

We take the quality of your sessions seriously. Every trainer has a visible star rating when you browse through the app, and you’ll be able to provide feedback on your session once it’s over.

Brighten a friend’s day.

Kubo allows you to book sessions on the behalf of your friends without forcing them to download the app. Simply let the fitness professional holding the session know that you have a friend with you and they’ll change your booking accordingly.

No cash. Ever.

All bookings are charged conveniently on your registered card and no cash is necessary. The payment gateway has a 128-bit encryption, same as the banks.

Meet the people who will inspire you to stay fit.

Kubo is not just about fitness, it’s also about great friendships. Instead of going alone to the gym, you’ll finally have the opportunity to meet like-minded people. Social science has already proven that the best way to get in shape is to hang around healthy people. Look no further - Kubo is there for you.

Get motivated and say hello to fun, effortless health.

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